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Boston and Provincetown artist Paul Hastings specializes in oil paintings of Provincetown and outer Cape Cod, imbuing familiar scenes with a sense of both timelessness and nostalgia.  Widely exhibited and collected, his fine art reflects the character of the painter: colorful, richly expressive, and sometimes dreamlike.  Whether executed en plein air or in his studio, Paul Hastings' paintings carry an unwavering sense of place, transporting the viewer to both a landscape and a time beyond the picture frame.  

Recent Work

Recent Work

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Corner at Franklin and Commercial
Beach Access at Captain Jack's
Bay View Through the Kit Houses
Red Boat on August Morning
First View of Provincetown
Lane at Merry Meeting
The Fishing Shack
Jams and Jellies
Morning at the Parsonage
Low Tide At The Breakwater
Never Enough
Ebbing Tide in Provincetown Harbor
Other Available Eork

Other Available Work 

The Grove at High Head
Salty Market
The Red House
Masthead Cottages
Looking To Provincetown
The Breakfast Spot
Winter at the Coast Guard Station
East End Classics
Bay Beyond the Gates
Fall on Bangs Street
Old Snack Bar at Herring Cove
MacMillan House
Wood End Light

About the Artist

Paul Hastings grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire and earned his bachelor’s degree in Commercial Art at Notre Dame College. Although trained in graphic design, Paul began to gravitate towards freer forms of expression including drawing, watercolor, and pottery. Ultimately, this path led him to study painting at the Massachusetts College of Art and with several painters on Cape Cod.

Following a long tradition of painters in Provincetown and the outer Cape, Paul has been painting en plein air for the past 15 years, striving to capture the unique light and ambience that have drawn artists here for more than 100 years.  He has been influenced in his work by (among others) Edward Hopper, Fairfield Porter, and George Nick.

Paul works on location in the early mornings or late afternoons when the light is most dramatic.  His goal is to represent the atmospheric feel of the landscape and to evoke for the viewer what has drawn him to paint the scene.

Paul’s work has been exhibited at Gallery 444 and the Provincetown Art Association and Museum in Provincetown, MA, and at the Towne Gallery at Wheelock College in Boston.  

Commissions welcomed.

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